Bourbon Review: Cotton Hollow Bourbon

We were in Corpus Christi, Texas a few months ago and our son said the local Spec’s liquor Store was a must see – so we went! Spec’s is a large chain with a huge selection of everything wine, beer, liquor, spirits related. I asked the salesman in the bourbon aisle to recommend a Texas Bourbon. He said he did not have one he recommended which shocked me (any readers have some Texas whiskey recommendations??). But, he did say to try Cotton Hollow. I had never seen it before so I thought I would bring home a bottle.


Cotton Hollow Distilling is an “Independent Bottler.” Independent Bottlers buy whiskey in the barrel from producers and brokers. These whiskies are then bottled under the label of the Independent Bottler. Cotton Hollow’s goal is to bottle whiskies from American distilleries and bring the finest flavors to the consumer at 93 proof. It is distilled, aged, and bottled in Kentucky.

It is distilled from sweet corn, rye, and malted barley. They are using limestone filtered water in their process. Limestone water, good for the horses, even better for the bourbon. The bottle I purchased is from Batch 003 Bottle No. 2902. Their first release was in 2014 and it was aged 4 years. The second release in 2015 was aged 8 years. The bottle I have was aged 8 years.


As I first opened the bottle it reminded me of the Wild Turkey 101. Not sure why but that was my first impression. Other reviews have said it has the aroma of Banana Cream pie, ash, and even nail polish remover. It may be the latter that reminds me of the 101. The higher proof bourbons at first breath give you a strong alcohol smell. They then mellow and you will smell some grains, and oak, and pepper.

It has a nice finish and is pleasant on the tongue. Once it has breathed I like the softness of its release. I am not sure where you might find it other than Spec’s. If you do see it, the bottle has a great presentation and attractive label, but even more important it’s a good addition to any bourbon bar.

Age: 8 years
Proof: 93
Color: Cinnamon Brown
Aroma: grains, oak, pepper
Taste: vanilla, toasted oak, pepper
Price: $47.99 at Spec’s

2 thoughts on “Bourbon Review: Cotton Hollow Bourbon

  1. Cotton Hollow Texas is available now. I bought bottle 3663, batch 1, just today.
    Texas corn, Oklahoma rye, aged 4 years in new charred barrels.
    It is wonderful!
    Also from Texas, try Rio Brazos Boxcar whiskey, made in College Station. Very rich and smooth.
    Both available at Spec’s and at Feldmans in the RGV.


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