Bar Review: The Post at Lamar Park (Corpus Christi, Texas)

While visiting our son, Burch, and his wife, Sara, in Corpus Christi a few weeks ago, they took us to a great spot called “The Post.” It’s a fun bar and restaurant in what was a United States Post Office in Corpus. AND, they have an excellent whiskey selection!


Lynn had a Manhattan, and I had an Old Fashioned. Burch had a Texas Mule. All were excellent and you have quite a selection of Bourbon and Rye to select from for your drink.


They have a fun “Classic Cocktails” section on the menu which includes the drinks we had plus a Mint Julep, Sazarac, Boulevardier, and more. If you don’t want whiskey (but who doesn’t!?), they have a good selection of beer and wine.


After we ordered the drinks we went right into the Nosh, Graze, and Grub sections of the menu. Wow, what a fantastic selection. We were all hungry and ready to graze. We love to eat appetizers and small plates. We ordered the crispy brussels sprouts with house-cured bacon. What a great way to start, they were really good and everything is better with BACON. Next we had the “3 Little Piggies.” The 3 little piggies is just that, three 12 hour smoked pork shanks, with a sweet bourbon glaze. They are good sized pork shanks but 3 disappeared very quickly. I could go back and order 2 orders of those just for me. I am getting hungry just writing about them! The “Street Tacos” were next and equally good, I just love tacos from anywhere. We also had “The Hot Mess”– American aged cheddar, aged gouda and goat cheese, served on house made bread, grilled to perfection and served with a tomato basil dipping sauce. We added the Dr Pepper glazed ham to it. WOW, I better hop a plane and get back there. I am not done yet. We ended our meal with the “Beef Tenderloin Sandwich” with parmesan fries.


But, if you know me, dinner is never the end of the meal — we had to have dessert. Dessert was a fantastic “Whiskey Cake” and 4 spoons. It was demolished in a very short order.


If you ever find yourself in Corpus or North Padre Island, go to the National Sea Shore National Park, and eat at The Post at Lamar Park. What a great experience, classic drinks and whiskey, excellent food, and a fun atmosphere to enjoy friends or watch your favorite game. I have to use a post office cliché, “Don’t mail it in,” go and experience The Post in person.

Catoctin Creek Distillery (Purcellville, Virginia)

While in Northern Virginia a couple weeks ago, we decided to visit Catoctin Creek Distillery in Purcellville in the heart of Loudoun County. Virginia was the birthplace of American Whiskey so it we had to go visit! Right in the heart of Purcellville in an old automobile dealership is Catoctin Creek Distillery.


It is a very inviting setting with the tasting room in the old showroom part of the building. They have set up the room with a horseshoe shaped bar and tables to accommodate lots of visitors. I have to admit I had not heard of them until we did some research prior to our visit. I know a lot more now and suggest you look them up.


The distillery lives where the shop used to be located. This isn’t the distillery’s first home and, with the growth they have experienced, probably won’t be their last. The distillery was founded in 2009 by Becky and Scott Harris. They have set up a first class operation with 2 stills. They use the larger still for making their Rye and whisky (I have dropped the “e” from whiskey as have they in respect to their Scottish heritage). The smaller still is used for making their gin and other distilled products.


They use locally sourced grain and materials. Their products include: Roundstone Rye, Roundstone Rye 92, and Roundstone Rye Cask Strength. The Roundstonne line has built their reputation for their outstanding quality. Their Rabble Rouser Rye is a lower proof and very vivacious. Mosby’s Spirit is an unaged whisky with a refined taste for a white whiskey. They have their Watershed Gin which is packs a punch of flavor and really grab’s you with its intensity. Their product line then goes to their 1757 Virginia Brandy and their fruit brandies. With a line up like this it is obvious why they run their stills almost every day.


They make the award winning Roundstone Rye, which I thought was outstanding.


I had a whisky flight in the tasting room. In the tasting room they have a few old rye bottles on display that pay homage to the old ryes. Their rye is in that tradition and a must have for any serious bar keep, collector who wants likes to mix drinks, or serve to a serious whisky drinker neat, or on the rocks.


Lynn and our son-in-law Carter had cocktail flights (our daughter Taylor was busy getting ready for a friend’s wedding). As much as I enjoyed my whiskey flight after seeing their cocktail flights I was jealous. They change the cocktail flights seasonally. If you take a look at the “Enjoy” tab on their website there are lots of very creative cocktails.

I can’t say enough about their friendly and helpful staff. They made us feel at home, and gave a very relaxed honest tour. It is well worth the drive to enjoy an afternoon of fun and learn about whisky. Go enjoy, have some cocktails, and a bite while learning about Catoctin Creek, and Virginia spirits.