Pappy Birthday


Yesterday I celebrated the 35th Anniversary of my 30th birthday… I’m calling it a Pappy Birthday because my wife knows I love getting Pappy accessories for any occasion. Anything whiskey makes a birthday a celebration.

Lynn had already gotten me a Pappy & Company barrel stave cutting board for the bar. For my birthday, she complimented it with their beautiful bar knife with a custom barrel stave handle. She also got me a golf shirt with the Pappy logo. I scored big time this year! (My son and daughter-in-law got me a Hydroflask, probably to make sure I’m hydrating in between bourbon tastings!)

I’ve collected some good Pappy gear over the years, including a beautiful hand etched “Bourbon” decanter, glassware, and even napkins. The most amazing thing she ever got me from the Pappy & Company website is an authentic Pappy Van Winkle barrel head signed by Julian Van Winkle III. The website is fun to just browse too.

There are many websites dedicated to the whiskey lovers of the world. You can find pretty much any type of whiskey gear a whiskey lover would like.

On my birthday I stopped by Hi-Time Wine Cellar today to pick up a bottle Ployez-Jacquemart, our favorite champagne.   I had to wander the whiskey aisle while there; it’s the law. While there, I ran into Old Man Bourbon, stocking the shelves. If you haven’t seen his Instagram page look him up.

As is usual, I left with more than just a bottle of champage. My eyes locked on the bright green seal on the top of a bottle of Pinhook Rye. I have never seen Pinhook there before and it was the last bottle. Reasonably priced at $33.99, it practically jumped into my cart.

It is good to be back blogging! It has been a crazy summer and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Look for more whiskey, food and travel posts over the next few months. Have a good rest of the summer and don’t forget that special gift for your brown liquor buddies!